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Robotic Application Success!

20 Oct 2016

RJH Machines are finding new homes in robotic environments. Two of our most popular heavy duty, continuous production machines have been installed in robotic cells in the UK.

The Powerfin Buffalo polisher is being used to finish a typical automotive stainless steel trim. Click here to watch a video on our YouTube profile:

Powerfin Buffalo Robotic Video - processing stainless steel trim

One of our Powerfin Cougar belt linishers has been installed in a robotic cell at the Hall and Botterill factory in Leeds, as part of their production of  gravity die cast aluminium castings. There are various links on YouTube:

Powerfin Cougar - Processing a 6" aluminium casting

Powerfin Cougar - Processing a 76mm round socket

Powerfin Cougar - Processing a 63mm cast aluminium socket

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