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Dingo Cut-Off Machine installed at Polycast

11 Dec 2013

RJH, in conjunction with AW Bell Machinery of Australia, is pleased to have supplied a ‘Dingo’ ACS775 Automatic cutting off machine to Polycast Ltd of Southampton.  This fully automatic programmable machine enables the investment casting tree to be positioned by the operator and clamped away from the cutting-off wheel.  Once in position and the doors closed, the tree is moved automatically to be presented to the cutting-off wheel where the components are cut from the tree. 

The system is fully enclosed, thereby eliminating any possibility of danger to the operator.  Once the cycle is complete the tree is returned to the door position which can then be opened and the ‘bare’ tree removed from the clamps.  All the components which have been cut off are channelled into a collection tray at the base of the machine and can also be removed.  The cycle is now ready to begin again as required. This system improves productivity while ensuring maximum operator safety in an area which traditionally has been a health and safety problem.

For morew information please click here to visit the Dingo machine page.

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