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For those of you who are already familiar with our machines, and know what you are looking for, please use the search facility below to select the specific machine animal name.

Powerfin Machines

Our “Powerfin” abrasive belt grinders are all heavy-duty specialist machines, such as combination belt grinder/polishers, through feed machines, pad sanders, mobile grinders and machines for dome and ring finishing.

Powerfin Bull

Belt - 50mm wide x 1525mm long
Mop - 250mm dia x 75mm wide
Motor(s) - 4.1kw

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Powerfin 1100

Belt -100mm wide x 2500mm long
Mop - 300mm dia x 100mm wide
Motor(s) - 4.0kw

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Leopard & Powerfin Leopard

Belt - Up to 50mm wide x 2000mm long
Motor - 1.5kw or 2.2kw
Belt Speed – Up to 36m/sec

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Powerfin Cougar

Belt - 100mm wide x 3450mm long
Motor - 5.6kw
Belt Speed – 48m/sec

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Powerfin 1900WET

Belt - 300mm wide x 1900mm long
Motor - 4.1kw
Belt Speed - 7.5m/sec

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Powerfin 1915

Belt - 150mm wide x 1900mm long
Brush - 200mm dia
Motor - 3.0kw

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Powerfin 1920/30/65

Belt - 200-650mm wide x 1900mm long
Brush - up to 650mm dia
Motor - 5.5kw to 11kw

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Powerfin Bulldog

Belt - 650mm wide x 1900mm long
Motor - 11kw, 15kw or 18.5kw
Belt Speed - 3 to 24m/sec

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Powerfin 1060/65

Belt - 50mm wide x 1520mm long
Motor – 1.1kw
Belt Speed – 30m/sec

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Powerfin 1080

Belt - 150mm wide x 2500mm long
Motor – 7.5kw
Belt Speed – 40m/sec

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Powerfin 1090

Belt - 100mm wide x 2740mm long
Motor(s) – 7.5kw
Belt Speed – Up to 30m/sec

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Powerfin Stag

Belt - 150mm wide x 1090mm long
Motor - 1.5kw
Belt Speed - 6.5m/sec

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Powerfin Wildebeest

Belt - 100mm wide x 2290mm long
Motor - 4.0kw or 5.5kw
Belt Speed – 23.9m/sec

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Powerfin Muskox

Belt - Up to 150mm wide x 8250mm long
Motor - 4kw
Belt Speed - 8 to 30m/sec

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Powerfin Lynx

Belt – 50mm wide x 2500mm long
Motor – 4kw

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