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A range of robust pedestal mounted bent tube polishers suitable for continuous production. Suitable for deburring and polishing a wide range of tube sizes and shapes. Available with one, two or three belt grinding heads, for wet or dry finishing. Sourced from Aceti.

Standard features include:

  • Dry (CMA78 and CMA150) or wet (CAM160) finishing
  • Suitable for polishing tubes up to 100˚ diameter, minimum internal radius of 40˚ (CMA78)
  • Suitable for polishing tubes up to 120˚ diameter, minimum internal radius of 150˚ (CMA150 & CA160)
  • Single or twin speed motor
  • Work table
  • Motor braking system
  • Foot pedal control (CMA150 & CMA160)
  • Full belt guarding with mechanical guard lock

Brochure - CMA78

Brochure - CMA150 & CMA160

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Electrical Supply



0.75kw or 3.0kw

Belt Speed

7m/sec or 10 and 20m/sec

Belt Size

11mm wide x 280mm long or 60mm wide x 900mm long or 


Optional Refinements