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For those of you who are already familiar with our machines, and know what you are looking for, please use the search facility below to select the specific machine animal name.


Antelope & Deer Bandfacer

Belt - 150mm wide x 1090mm long
Motor - 0.75kw or 1.5kw
Belt Speed - 6.5m/sec

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Bear Toolgrinder

Wheel - 406mm dia x 32mm wide
Motor - 0.18kw or 0.37kw

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Chamois Polisher

Mop - 200mm dia x 25mm wide
Motor – 1.1kw
Speed – 1415/1440rpm or 3000rpm

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Gerbil Vacuum Form Trimming & Finishing

Various consumables
Motor - 0.07kw
Speed – 1380rpm

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Gryphon Grinder

Wheel - 200mm dia x 20mm wide
Motor - 1.1kw
Speed – 2880rpm

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Swordfish Scroll Saw

Throat Depth - 535mm
Motor - 0.18kw
Speed - 400rpm to 1500rpm

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Woodpecker Drill

Drilling Capacity – Up to 28mm
Motor – 1.1kw or 1.5kw
Speed – Up to 3480rpm

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Zebra Profile Sander

Star Wheel – 200mm dia
Motor - 1.1kw
Speed – 700rpm

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