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RJH was founded in 1937, initially manufacturing grinding, polishing and finishing machines for industrial markets. Forty years later, with the assistance and feedback of teachers and professional advisers, we introduced a range of machine tools tailored to meet the specific needs of students of design technology setting out to learn the hands-on skills required for working with wood, metal and plastics.

The result is a range of modern and attractive, student friendly, machines, which have been developed and scaled specifically for teaching the principles of Sanding, Polishing, Grinding, Drilling and Vacuum Form Trimming and Finishing across a wide spectrum of materials.

These machines now represent a large portion of our business and RJH leads the market in grinding, polishing, sanding, drilling and vacuum form trimming and finishing machines for Design and Technology workshops in schools and colleges. Machines have been installed in educational institutions around the world – including Finland, Hong Kong, UAE, Malaysia and Brunei.

Early on we recognized that the materials used in educational workshops differed from those used in industrial applications. We therefore designed slower speed polishers suitable for plastics and acrylics. We also lowered the working heights of machines for children, and incorporated useful features such as tilting tables on our vertical bandfacers.

Over the years we have further refined the range with a strong focus on safety and reliability, qualities for which our products have a particularly high reputation. Safety features such as foot stops, knee stop bars, push-button controls and integral dust extraction with indicator lights are all supplied as standard. All of our machines are CE marked and comply with the European Machinery Directive and the BS 4163:2007 “Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments” regulations. All extraction mounted machines comply with UK COSHH regulations.

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